GameRevelations | Apex Legends L-Star Trailer Breakdown

Trailer Breakdown by: Mack Ashworth

Article by: Chris Capel for GameRevolution

At the EA Play event that kicked off E3, EA and Respawn Entertainment revealed a load of news details on their popular battle royale, Apex Legends. Along with the details on the long-awaited tenth legend, Wattson, the latest game mode, and info on double XP events, Respawn also brought details on a brand new gun coming to the game. The Apex Legends new weapon is the L-Star, which has been long-rumored as coming to the game.

The stream also introduced the first details of 2eason 2 of the game, which will arrive in July. The first details of the new weapon were also revealed, such as how you can’t pick up any ammo from the ground, what you receive is what you get. It can also shatter doors.

The L-Star will be a Care Package-only weapon, meaning that players can only acquire the gun during a Care Package drop. This means that the L-Star won’t be able to be picked up on the ground during gameplay.

The L-Star was previously available in Titanfall 2, developer Respawn’s previous game. While Apex Legends isn’t a direct sequel to the critically-acclaimed FPS, it is set in the same universe, with this being one of many crossovers between the battle royale spin-off and the series it’s based upon.

Drew McCoy, Apex Legends‘ executive producer, called the L-Star “so OP” and branded it “amazing,” so the battle royale game’s players should look forward to getting their hands on an overpowered weapon that will help lead them their squad to that elusive victory.

The new weapon will arrive during season 2, so fans won’t have to wait long until they get their hands on the brand new equipment. Find out more about what you can expect from season 2 right here.


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