Girlfriend ‘Live-Texts’ Boyfriend Throughout Original ‘Pet Sematary’

Photo: PhotoAlto/Odilon Dimier (Getty Images)

Pet Sematary, the latest Stephen King story to be (re)made for the big screen, was released a few weeks ago and the reviews have been…divided, to say the least.’

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Some fans applauded the film for deviating from the story as we knew it. Others, however, were not as amused by this version of the Creed family. They thought Louis was too bland, Ellie was too annoying (though, to be fair, nobody could be more annoying than the original Ellie Creed), and Jud was just too damn nice. People were legitimately upset that Gage didn’t get hit by a semi-truck. Unreal.

Pet Sematary did not find the same level of success as other recent Stephen King big screen adaptations. It, this was not. But, like its predecessor, the Pet Sematary remake did result in fans visiting or revisiting the original book and film. One man’s girlfriend live-texted him throughout the entire film, and her observations were, in fact, pretty astute.

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