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5 Things We Admire About 11-Year-Old Genius DJ Kool Flash

Photo: Dexter A. Jones (Getty Images)

We want you to think hard. Go back in time. Can you remember what you were pursuing at the age of 11? While in the 5th grade? Maybe you dreamed of becoming a singer, pro quarterback, possibly a Ghostbuster. Many of us still aren’t sure of what our passion is as adults. But for an 11-year-old girl named DJ Kool Flash, she appears to have it all figured out already. She’s only one of the country’s most talented DJs.

DJ Kool Flash may still be in elementary (home) school, but there’s nothing elementary about her. Not only does she spin like a pro, but she’s a Mensa kid with a genius level IQ.

We think we can all learn several valuable lessons from this radical 11-year-old. Here are a few of her qualities to emulate.

1. Her self-discipline.

When DJ Kool flash first touched a turntable it was “weird.” She said she had “no idea what she was doing.” But she stuck with it and kept pursuing her newfound passion. She even went to a DJ Camp when she was seven in order to nail down all the “basics.”

She produced her second mixtape by the age of nine.

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2. She’s cool, calm, and collected.

DJing makes her happy because when she’s “party-rockin,'” it allows the crowd to simply “forget about the bad things in life and just dance.”

3. She overcame her fears.

The first time DJ Kool Flash battled, she was nervous because she was a “little kid” going up against grown adults. But she overcame her fear to perform and ended up winning the competition. She’s now the current U.S. DJ Battle Regional Champion for New York City.

4. She has a tremendous work ethic.

DJ Kool Flash practices every day for hours. After her school work is done in the early afternoon, she said she spends the rest of the day practicing on her DJing skills.

She also says there is a family motto that points to all the things needed in order to achieve goals: “Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, dedication, courage, discipline, focus, and determination.”

Here she is opening for Methodman and Redman last year in Virginia.

5. She’s a loving soul.

Most importantly, her dad says she’s a beautiful human being, calling her “kind, loving, compassionate and caring.”

“Whatever you want to do, just make sure you’re the best at it. Don’t let anything hold you back,” says DJ Kool Flash.

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Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory.


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