Monday Morning Jolt: Nina Simone Amps Up Your Motivation In 2019

Photo: David Redfern / Staff (Getty Images)

Monday Morning Jolt understands this time of year is rough. The holidays are over and all those responsibilities you neglected come crashing in. Everyone has a major holiday hangover. The new year feels the same as 2018, except now we’re all ten pounds heavier and have unrealistic resolutions hanging over our heads.

Combine these letdowns with the fact that January tends to be bitterly cold, and it’s tempting to crawl in bed and research whether hibernation is possible for people (no).

That’s why we’ve created this kick-in-the-pants playlist. Uplifting songs from Nina Simone, Queen, and Marvin Gaye can help create the perfect boost you need to really join a gym or stay off social media. Or at least, feel better about trying.

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So plug in and tackle those resolutions with this playlist.

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