Did You Spot the ’80s Transformers in the New ‘Bumblebee’ Trailer?

Photo: YouTube.com

The new trailer for the upcoming Bumblebee movie hit the web on Monday and is already creating a buzz ahead of the movie’s Dec. 21 release date.

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The latest Transformers film is a prequel to the Michael Bay-fueled storylines we’ve watched for the past 11 years. The great thing about this new one is it takes us back, way back, to the ’80s, which happens to be the same decade that birthed the original Transformers that we remember from the cartoons. Take a look:

The ’80s were a great time period for cartoons, and the Transformers were a staple of that decade. Both the Autobots and Decepticons became iconic figures that bring us back to a time when we proudly wore neon bracelets and stonewash jeans unironically.

From the looks of the Bumblebee trailer, it appears that the upcoming film will pay homage to a handful of characters we loved from the awesome ’80s cartoon.

We analyzed the trailer and recognized some throwback characters you might also remember. Check it out:


Photo: YouTube.com

Of course Bumblebee is in the trailer. But unlike the earlier films, he’s not some souped up Chevy Camaro that’s in there for advertising dollars. This time he’s a mustard yellow Beetle just like he was in the ’80s.


Photo: YouTube.com 

Shockwave is back and he looks damn near identical in the trailer and the O.G. cartoon. Bring out the guns.


Photo: YouTube.com

OK, this one is tough to recognize because he sits in the background in one of the action-packed sequences, but the Decepticon on the left looks very much link Starscream. At the very least, he’s one of the Seekers we saw in the ’80s.


Photo: YouTube.com

Soundwave was the best No. 2 in command for the Decepticons, regardless of how Starscream felt about it. His footage in the new trailer looks pretty much identical to that of the old cartoon.


Photo: YouTube.com

If you have Soundwave, you have to have his minions popping out of his tape deck. Ravage makes an appearance in the same fashion he did all those years ago, flying out of Soundwave’s chest and sprinting toward battle.

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Photo: YouTube.com

Here’s a Decepticon who will likely be the biggest jump away from their version of the cartoon. In the ’80s series, he was tank and a jet, but the movie has him solely transforming into a tank and he looks dramatically different. Oh well. One character can skip the nostalgia feels.

Optimus Prime

Photo: YouTube.com

Ah, yes, the mighty leader of the Autobots. Optimus Prime makes a largely expected appearance in the trailer, giving us hope we’ll see more of him in the movie. This version of Prime is almost an exact throwback to the one we recall from ’80s. Kudos to the Bumblebee crew giving our fearless leader the look he deserves.