How To Survive Your First Oregon State University Football Game

Photo: adamkaz (Getty Images)

You’ll never forget your first Oregon State University football game. Beaver Football is not necessarily about winning, but it is about making each game day memorable. Whether you’re new to OSU, a student trying to fit in with collegiate athletes, or just someone who’s wondering what that game day hype is all about, you’ve come to the right place. This is your essential guide to Oregon State football.

Get Your Beaver Gear On

Anything that is orange and black will do for your game day ensemble. If you don’t own any articles of clothing with those colors, you can always hit up the Beaver Store on the south end of campus. They have all your beaver logo game day essentials, but expect a sizable price markup on everything. You will likely have to layer up with a jacket or raincoat, a beanie, a scarf, and mittens. On the rare warm day in Corvallis, a T-shirt and jeans will suffice. If you’re feeling extra, don orange rompers, also know as a “romphim,” or orange overalls, both new campus trends that allow you to show off your school spirit and some skin. Whatever you do, don’t wear yellow and green.

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Be Loud and Proud

You must make noise. Everyone you walk by will greet you with a friendly “SKO Beavs!” or “Let’s go, Beavers!” Cheering at the game itself is pretty simple. You don’t have to memorize any fight song or complicated chant. Just give a shout when the Beavers score a first down and go wild when they score.

There is one cheer you should know. Imagine Reser Stadium split into three groups. The first group shouts “O” as loud as they can. The group to their left then responds with “S.” The group to their left responds with “U.” This continues around the stadium until everyone erupts into one massive roar and chants “OSU! OSU!”

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Celebrate Responsibly

If you’re a student at OSU, you’ll likely be drinking on game day. Do so responsibly. Don’t be that guy who’s so far gone he needs his friends to escort him out of the stadium. That ruins the mood for everyone. One infamous and ubiquitous drink at OSU is called Beaver Blood. It’s a flavored wine branded MD 20/20 that comes in an orange jubilee flavor and is packaged in a clear bottle. It’s a must-have.

Ultimately, game day is really just an excuse to let loose and enjoy yourself with the people around you.