RANKED! The 5 Greatest Live-Action Takes On The Joker

Photo: Warner Bros.

With two standalone Joker movies potentially in the works — one being the return of Jared Leto and the other reportedly starring Joaquin Phoenix in a film directed by Todd Phillips — it made things very clear to us: we need our favorite Joker actors ranked, and pronto.

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With The Joker expected to make multiple appearances in a Suicide Squad sequel, Harley Quinn-based origin story and now two reported Joker origin movies, we can see we’re on the heels of a big blockbuster push for our favorite supervillain. That’s why we’re ranking our favorite actors to play The Clown Prince of Crime from least favorite to the very best right here. The only question? Where will Joaquin fit into the mix when all is said and smiling?

** Honorable mention goes to Mark Hamill and Kevin Michael Richardson for their iconic animated Joker voiceovers. **

**Tommy Wiseau, however, not so much.**

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