Justin Bieber Is Dating Lionel Richie’s 17-Year Old Daughter Now, Guys


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Is it sexist that I said “Lionel Richie’s daughter” instead of “Sofia Richie“? Do any you know who Sofia Richie is where you would have been like, “yeah, Sofia Richie, she’s famous for being Lionel Richie’s daughter much like he stepsister”? No? Ok, ket’s move on. Justin Bieber knows who she is, obviously. 

Justin Bieber’s latest companion is a 17-year-old music legacy. The pop star and Sofia Richie, the daughter of iconic crooner Lionel Richie and his ex-wife Diana, have spent five days straight together, a source tells PEOPLE. Bieber and Richie – who will celebrate her 18th birthday later this month – hung out in Laguna Beach and the singer’s Toluca Lake house on Wednesday, going on a hike before jetting off to Japan, the insider says, where Bieber, 22, has two Purpose World Tour shows this weekend.

Man, People really wanted you to know she turns 18 in two weeks so this doesn’t sound too weird. I’m posting Ariel Winter pics later, so that leaves me with not much to say about this. If I was Bieber, I woulda stayed with this myself. I can stay with it know if that’s cool with her. No pressure. If she hasn’t watched Stranger Things we could do that for sure.