The New Suicide Squad Trailer Is Very Fun!

Now that Warner Bros. and DC have accepted the fact that their movie about the two greatest superheroes of all time won’t earn more than a movie about Chris Pratt’s life as a dinosaur trainer, they want to make sure you know right now that DC films are rollercoaster rides of pure fun! Look at how much fun! So much fun. So much. You’d think that if they wanted to go “dark” in a movie where people wear tights and capes that Suicide Squad would be the obvious choice, but BvS was so goddamn bleak and pointless the Suicide Squad trailer has to make the villains likable so we’ll go see it. The new trailer is cut like a Jim Carrey movie and has now pulled two songs off the Wayne’s World soundtrack, but it still looks pretty kickass. And Margot Robbie. Damn. We talk about Jared Leto if you want but Heath Ledger has moved on. So should you.


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