Bristol Palin Might Have Lied About Her Pregnancy


My sweet Sailor Grace was born yesterday, our family couldn’t be more complete

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Last time he heard from Bristol Palin, she gave birth to her disappointing miracle on December 23rd. OR DID SHE?! Ok, so here’s the deal: Bristol apparently had the kid on 11/4/2015. Apparently it was the result of a one night stand in Vegas on Valentine’s Day (here’s the selfie. The caption was changed from “The night before the worst mistake of my life.” to “#vegas”). Three months later, Bristol was “blindsided” by her engagement to Dakota Meyer being called off. And according to Sarah Palin’s last kid’s Bristol’s first kid’s (Tripp) stepmom, this pic of Tripp supposedly holding Sailor on Christmas Eve was apparently taken weeks before since Tripp was with his dad on Christmas. You can read the whole, detailed story over here (via ONTD). TL;DR Bristol Palin is incapable of passing up a raw dog, and her parents will do anything to make sure she’s seen as a innocent, persecuted Christian who Satan repeatedly makes dicks appear in her vagina.