Josh Duggar Created A LLC, Sold His House To Himself

Josh Duggar Ted Cruz

Two days before Josh Duggar got hit with a $500K lawsuit from the porn star he sexually assaulted while he got paid to say transgender people would rape your kids in the bathroom, he sold his 5-bedroom house in Arkansas he’s had for 8 months for $65,000 to ALB Investments LLC (and made a $10,000 profit).  A 5-bedroom house for $65K? In this economy? It’s cool, because he basically sold it to himself.

According to documents filed with the Arkansas Secretary of State, the registered agent of ALB Investments LLC is Travis Story.  The address used to register ALB Investments in Siloam Springs is the same location as the home being sold. However it is not clear who are the owners of the investment company – such information is confidential under a 2007 law. The warranty deed for the property is signed by Josh and Anna Duggar, Travis Story and a public notary.

Nothing weird here. Nothing weird at all. LLC’s are in no way created to keep your personal assets from being seized if you’re in a lawsuit. That’s just more liberal media spin. Even a professor says there’s nothing to see here. Why do you hate religious liberty so much?

Despite the coincidental timing of Josh and Anna Duggar’s home sale, a professor from the UCLA School of Law told Daily Mail Online that nothing fraudulent appeared to have taken place. Professor Eugene Volokh said that unless the home had been bought for significantly less than market value, the sale appeared legitimate. He said: ‘The question is whether they sold it for something less than market rate. And if the answer is no, if they sold it for the market price, then it doesn’t sound like a fraudulent conveyance to me.’

See? You probably wanted to find out they committed fraud because you’re heart is as black as your secular darkness. No, wait. Sorry. Zillow has the house listed at $178K and homes in the neighborhood have been selling for $200K. Either way, this probably doesn’t mean Josh Duggar created an LLC with his dad’s attorney and sold his house to himself to keep Danica Dillon from taking it while also freeing up $10K in equity to be used for legal fees. Stop reading so much into it. Josh is Christian. there’s no way he’d lie like this. Your hypocrisy is showing, libtard. I don’t know what hypocrisy exactly, but that’s what you’re supposed to say according to Matt Walsh and white conservatives who write about Christians not helping dying refugees. I guess it makes sense to the people who believe in Jesus but rather not have brown people clogging up their bike paths.

Sorry. Jessica Lowndes in this see through dress is just another one of Josh’s innocent victims because I already had these pics loaded and nowhere else to use them. God bless.