George Zimmerman Gave His Virginia Shootings Hot Take

George Zimmerman Ignorant Baboon

Much like your Facebook friends who tell you that the Confederate flag had nothing to do with slavery or that the systematic slaughter of black men by militarized police has nothing to do with race and that we should all be colorblind while attaching an out of context Martin Luther King, Jr. quote, George Zimmerman (along with those same Facebook friends) also claimed that when he stalked and killed Trayvon Martin that it wasn’t about race. Also, when George Zimmerman painted Confederate flags to support a “Muslim-free” gun shop, he wasn’t being racist, he was being a patriot. So, I’m kinda confused now, because you know what is about race? OMG A BLACK GAY KILLED TWO STRAIGHT WHITE PEOPLE

As you might have already read, it’s pretty hard to tell if your Conservative friends are more upset that two white people got killed or more happy that a black, gay guy did it. Vester Flanagan II doesn’t get the “lone wolf with a history of mental illness”, because well, black and gay. He isn’t allowed to drink out of that water fountain. That being said, George Zimmerman went on Twitter last night to give his opinion on the Virginia shootings that left WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward dead. Please keep in mind, George Zimmerman is NOT RACIST.

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