Donald Trump Is Suing Univison Because They Don’t Like Being Called Rapists

First off, these pictures are from Miss Universe, not Miss USA. Please understand that I don’t care. Cool. That’s out of the way. Now, during his Presidential announcement, trust-fund baby Donald Trump said all Mexicans were thieves and rapists, so not surprisingly, he’s current leading all Republican candidates in the polls. Turns out Univision, who holds the rights to televise the Miss USA pageant, didn’t really care for that, so they told him to go fuck himself, thereby backing out of the five year deal they signed in January. Trump, being Trump, is now suing them:

In an interview with the On Media blog, Trump, a co-owner of the Miss Universe Organization, accused Univision of defaulting on an “iron-clad” five-year, $13.5 million contract that it had no right to terminate. “They have no termination rights whatsoever,” Trump said. “They’ve defaulted on their contract because of pressure put on them by Mexico.”

Look, you know why Miss USA is on Univision? Because Latinos love them some pageants. And if you think Univision can’t get $13.5 out of there petty cash drawer, sorry about it. So to recap, Donald Trump is an old white guy, was handed a job and an inheritance by his rich dad, hates Mexicans, and when he doesn’t get his way, he’ll sue. He’s pretty much the perfect GOP candidate.