‘Duck Dynasty’ Guy Phil Robertson Got Suspended Indefinitely By A&E

Phil Robertson


I wonder if he knows the other definition of "beard"?


I know it might be hard to believe that a redneck who lives in a swamp and likes to kill things would be a raging homophobe who hides behind the Bible to justify his archaic and ignorant beliefs, but Phil Robertson just got suspended indefinitely by the hipster channel A&E (the "arts" is used irronically) for his statements to GQ magazine that equated homosexuality to bestiality. In the interview, he even quoted the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Corinthians when he said,  "It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man's anus." God was pretty clear, you guys. A&E also released a statement.

"We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson's comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series 'Duck Dynasty'. His personal views in no way reflect those of A&E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely."

As you probably don't find hard to believe, it didn't take the far right to claim Christian persecution and show a lack of understading of the same Constitution that they use to masturbate with. Take it away, Sarah Palin!

Free speech is an endangered species. Those “intolerants” hatin’ and taking on the Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us.

Yes, free speech. Maybe I missed the part of the story where Obama sent drones to arrest Robertson and throw him in prison, because if I didn't, Robertson remains free to express his beliefs and faith in any forum that chooses. However, now try to keep with me here, A&E also has the right to enforce their standards and practices clause by suspending you for being an ignorant asshole. Also, everybody's favorite lunatic, Dana Loesch, wants you to know that what Robertson said isn't hate speech because God said it and God doesn't hate anyone.

If you think Robertson's 1 Corinthians 6:9-20 quote is "hate speech" then you accuse God of "hate speech" because it's His Word.

Cool. God doesn't hate anyone. You know except for the time he orchestrated the first genocide, promoted slavery, subjagted women, was cool with polygamy and racism, sent his winged thugs to kill an entire country's first born, let Lott's daughters be raped, knocked up a dude's wife just so he could kill her son, and the whole fiery pit of eternal suffering thing waiting for you  if you don't blindly do exactly what he says when he says it. That's not the resume of a Supreme Being, that's resume of a war criminal. If you want to use the Bible to shroud your hate with some sort of delusional moral authority (you know, like Hitler and Fred Phelps), then please, feel free to do so. Also, please understand that when we disagree with you, we're not persecuting you (the persecution that should cause you to rejoice by the way according to your homeboy Jesus), we're just exercising our free speech to call you a moron. But, Todd! He was just quoting the Bible! Yes. And the people in Evil Dead were just quoting the Necronomicon. We all saw how that turned out.