Katharine McPhee Is “Embarrassed”, You Guys

The last time we heard from Katharine McPhee, she was kissing a married dude in broad daylight. This was also news to the married dude's wife, actress Mary McCormack, because she kicked his dumb ass out of the house and is about to take all his money. But you really shouldn't be angry at McPhee for taking part in breaking up a marriage, because she is totally embarrassed right now. Us Weekly reports:

"She is SO embarrassed she was caught," a second source says of the undeniable photos. "She should have known better!"

Oh, whew. She is embarrassed that she was caught, not that she actually banged a married dude. Cool. But if she think she's embarrassed now, imagine when Mary McCormack cuts off her head and walks around Coffee Bean with it stuck on pike! Hahaha omg, so embarrassing!




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