Italian Americans Think ‘Don Jon’ Is Racist. Okay.

Yeah, so a group called Italian American ONE VOICE who tell us their mission is to “secure the rightful representation of Americans of Italian origin and of all peoples whose paths toward social equality have been impeded. The powers of Intellect, Wisdom and Due Process of Law will be brought to bear on all inequities", says Joseph Gordon-Levitt should pull Don Jon from theaters because it depicts Italian Americans how they've been depicted for 80 in movies and how they depict themselves in reality and any bar in New Jersey. Here's their statement:

The Italian American ONE VOICE Coalition—the nation’s largest Italian American anti-bias organization—is taking “Don Jon” Director-Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt—ironically the son of parents who founded a once-famous Jewish national social justice organization—to task for stereotyping and denigrating Italian Americans and Jews in his new movie. “Here we go again with the same shop-worn, racist stereotypes of Italian Americans in movies,” said Italian American ONE VOICE founder Dr. Emanuele “Manny” Alfano. “It never ends. Levitt, himself the son of proud parents who once founded the Jewish Progressive Alliance and fought for social justice causes, should be ashamed of himself for the negative portrayal of Italians and Jews in his movie.” In “Don Jon,” Director-Actor Levitt plays Jon Martello, a stupid, pornography-addicted, t-shirt wearing “Jersey Shore” clone whose day consists of the stereotypical ritual of “gym, tan laundry.” He appears in the movie with his equally stupid father, Jon Sr., played by Tony Danza, infamous for his lifelong portrayals of stupid, buffoonish Italian characters, attired in the usual tight white t-shirts. In one infamously racist scene, the whole family is displayed acting buffoonish at a table during a spaghetti dinner....“Levitt, much like his pornography-addicted character, needs an intervention and should go into serious therapy for his ethnic denigration of Italian Americans,” said Alfano, who has urged his nationwide coalition of activists to phone and contact the film’s production and distribution companies, Voltage Pictures and HitRecord films, get on social media, including “Don Jon’s” official Facebook page, and protest the movie’s portrayals. “Levitt ought to quit now, take this trite garbage out of movie theaters and donate his profits to charity.”

Is this dude in witness protection somewhere that doesn't have MTV? Because I think he just called Don Jon racist because an Italian family ate a food for dinner that was created in Italy. Dude, chill. It's well known fact that Italians are buried in wife beaters and holding breadsticks. I dated an Italian girl once, and I never could tell when we were having sex because she was always screaming and her grandmother was in the room most of the time.