Justin Bieber Is Still Trying To Get Into Clubs

Despite being a scrawny wigger who sings goofy songs about things he knows nothing about, Justin Bieber has legions of misguided, sociopathic fans who explain away all his dumbass behavior because one time his mom compared him to Jesus. So naturally he believes rules don't apply to him and if you don't let him in a club even though he's 19, you're not a true Belieber. TMZ reports:

Poor little Justin Bieber wanted to party his face off Monday night … but His Douche-ness was brutally shot down by one NYC nightclub … because he's still a baby in bar years (i.e. under 21). Our NYC party sources tell us … Biebs and his crew showed up to Griffin Nightclub in the Meatpacking District around 2:00 AM … looking to drop serious coin on bottle service. But money can't buy everything … we're told JB was DENIED entrance by the club's security because he's only 19 — making his presence a potential problem.

Christ. Can somebody gives this idiot a juicebox and some crackers and put him in a high chair please? Please. Can we do that? He wears leather diapers and bedazzled hats. He always looks like he's on his way to a scheduled playdate at a gay biker bar.