Adam Lambert Arrested In Finland After Sissy Fight

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Karaoke contest winner Adam Lambert was arrested last night after closing his eyes and slapping at the air really fast in the vicinity of his boyfriend, reality show “star” Sauli Koskinen. THR reports:

American Idol star Adam Lambert spent several hours in a Finnish jail Thursday after being arrested outside a Helsinki gay bar following a brawl with his Finnish boyfriend, local reality star Sauli Koskinen. According to Petri Juvonen, who is heading up the police investigation into the event, Lambert and Koskinen were arrested at around 4 a.m. Thursday morning outside DTM (Don’t Tell Mama), a famous Helsinki gay club. Both men are being held for questioning as local police investigate a total of four possible assault offenses. Juvonen tells the Hollywood Reporter that the two would likely be released after being interrogated. According to media reports out of Finland, the dispute between the two men started in one of DTM’s back rooms. Lambert and Koskinen, a winner of the Finnish version of Big Brother, were apparently kicked out of the club but carried on fighting in the street outside.

You could bedazzle that blockquote then put unicorn puffy stickers on it then add fake eyelashes to the unicorn and it would only make it just slightly more comically gay.