Bobby Brown Loves Chris Brown

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Oh good. OMG Music reports:

Chris Brown has got the backing of Bobby Brown – who says people need to give the Look At Me Now singer a break for his past mistakes. “Chris Brown deserves a fair shake,” says Bobby, who used to be married to Whitney Houston. “He’s a talented young man who made a mistake. He’s one of the greatest out right now.” The 42-year-old went on to praise the Next 2 You singer, telling Vibe: “The boy’s voice is impeccable, and the way he moves – I’m just proud that he’s part of my community.”

Exactly. Because who better to teach us about selfless love than a violent drug-addict who turned one of the greatest singers in the history of the known universe out with a pool full of crack? And if anybody deserves a break, it’s Chris Brown. He can sing and dance so why would we ever think of asking him about the time he caved Rihanna’s face in? The poor soul has been hounded constantly in interviews because people seem to think that beating a woman is actual news? Who are these people? It’s America. Since when can’t you beat a bitch then go home and dye your hair blonde and put on a jean vest then be lavished with praise from confused girls on Twitter? If you can’t, I really don’t understand America.

Note: If by “community” he means “black people” then me being racist here is kinda pointless.


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