Matt And Ben Are Back Together

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, my favorite duo since Ketel One and olives, might be partnering up for another movie. Is it too early to start lining up for tickets? The New York Post reported:

The best buddies are actually planning to reunite for the first time since the Oscar winning “Good Will Hunting” with “The Trade,” a real life story of two Yankee pitchers from the 1970’s who swapped wives. No shock here that this scandalous tale would come from boys who are lifelong members of Red Sox Nation — although Ben promises there won’t be any cheap shots. “It’s a pre-Steinbrenner Yankees, so it’s a different club,” Ben told MTV News, before finding himself incapable of adding, “as an institution, disdain. Contempt.” Although the final pieces of the puzzle have yet to fall into place — Ben is still rewriting the script with brother Casey — the intention is that Matt & Ben would both be involved, either in starring or directing capacities.

The only thing that could make me more excited about this movie is if I were playing the role of both their wives, and since Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have both had starring roles in feature films, I’m guessing Hollywood producers aren’t at all particular.


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