Miss California Stripped (Her Crown This Time)

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Jesus freak and semi-nude model, Carrie Prejean, was stripped of her Miss California crown today for violating her contract after she refused to show up over 30 events on behalf of the Miss USA organization. Oh, and she hates the ghey. People reports:

“I told Carrie she needed to get back to work and honor her contract with the Miss California USA Organization and I gave her the opportunity to do so,” Donald Trump, who owns the Miss USA and Miss Universe organizations, said in a statement. “Unfortunately it just doesn’t look like it is going to happen.”

But her inculcated Chiristian beliefs make her a caring and giving person still, right? Um, no:

Trump said: “To me she was the sweetest thing. Everyone else — she treated like s**t.”

Let’s face it, California is like Sodom and Gomorrah to the rest of the world, but sometimes change is coming and you can do nothing to stop it. For this bitch to use her platform and celebrity to tell other people how they should live and what they should and shouldn’t be doing, it’s really no surprise that she’s a massive cunt. Of course she is. Look, I would have an opinion about gay marriage, but I don’t really care. Let Gary and Steve get married if they love each other, because you know what, it won’t effect my life at all. Much unlike the real estate investment CD’s I ordered. Bob from TX generated $10,000 in income in May with no money down and no closing costs! Why wait? Live the life you want today!