Super Hot Teacher Quits Her Job To Compete In Miss Universe Pageant

Photo: Instagram/Maria Wilkes

If you had the option of teaching a bunch of annoying kids for a garbage salary or to parade around a stage and have the potential to snag some big bucks with sponsors, you’re probably going to go with the latter. And that’s exactly what one British teacher recently did.

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Meet 26-year-old Maria Wilkes. Wilkes was a language teacher at the Channing School in Highgate, North London, but she’s saying “adios” to that career, because walking on stage at a Miss Universe pageant sounds like a hell of a lot more fun.

Here’s what Wilkes had to say:

“I’m leaving teaching out of choice, but only for the time being. While I am still contracted at my school, I am afraid I will not be able to do any further interviews until July.”

Of course a-hole parents had to bash Wilkes for her decision. One parent said this: “Pouting and sexual photos all over the media, whilst you are a teacher?? Erm, just no.” While another idiot said this: “This is inappropriate and setting bad example to her female students.”

Wait, what’s the bad example being set?

Well, Wilkes is ready to compete because she will be one of around 40 women to compete in the Great Britain heat of the competition in South Wales in July.

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Wilkes said this as well:

“This is my first beauty pageant and I am honored to have been chosen as a finalist. Teaching French and Spanish at an all-girls school has allowed me to deliver my insights and love of other cultures to young women and give them the confidence and the ability to communicate in multiple languages. I am already Miss Wilkes, but it would be my dream to become Miss Universe Great Britain.”

Good luck, teach! Now let’s check out more of Wilkes thanks to her Instagram.

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