James Caan Walked Off The Set of Nailed

James Caan has reportedly walked off the set of his new movie, Nailed, four days into filming, citing creative differences with the film’s director, David O. Russell. FITSnews says:

For the first time in a career spanning four decades and over ninety movies, actor James Caan has walked off the set of one of his films…Citing differences with director David O. Russell, Caan left the set of the film last night and will have to be recast.”

Before we start accusing James Caan of throwing a hissy fit, please keep in mind that David O. Russell is a raging psycopath, notorious for being completely out of his fucking mind. It’s like somebody replaced his brain with the brain of a rabid fire-breathing werewolf then decided to send him to film school. I don’t know the medical terminology for that, so if somebody could look it up that would be great.

Russell attacking Lily Tomlin on the set of I Heart Huckabees (Warning: Lots of cuss words):

Apparently hi-res pictures of James Caan don’t exist, so here’s his son Scott:


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