Kristy Swanson Got Arrested

Kristy Swanson made news last year after her appearance on Skating With Celebrities ended with her partner, Lloyd Eisler, leaving his pregnant wife and one year old son to be with her. Baby mama drama has ensued:

Officers escorted her into the police station in Kingston, Ontario, after Eisler’s ex, Marcia O’Brien, filed a complaint against Swanson. Swanson, 37, claims she was attacked by O’Brien in front of Eisler and O’Brien’s children. The actress’s rep, Michael Sands, says Swanson plans to press charges against O’Brien, saying that police took photographs of her back and other parts of her upper extremities to document the injuries. O’Brien declined to comment, except when asked if she attacked Swanson, she replied: “Why have I not been charged?”

I have no idea who Lloyd Eisler is, but the last time I checked, male figure skaters are usually balding old guys in purple and aqua sequins prancing around to Miss Saigon, yet this guy is fighting them off he’s like Tom Brady. So either these women have way too much self-esteem or they cut their wrists when someone doesn’t comment on their new dress. I can’t tell which.



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