Nicky Hilton is Being Sued

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court yesterday, the Chicago development group, Robert Falor Investments and Grand USA Hotel Supply & Restaurant, are suing Nicky Hilton for breach of contract after she has failed to promote, Nicky O’s Chicago, a redevelopment project in the city. The suit also claims Nicky Hilton misrepresented herself by saying she had experience in hotel design and that Hilton contracted out the interior design (she was contractually obligated to do it herself) then attempted to charge it back to the development group. Hilton publicist, Elliot Mintz said:

Things are not always as they appear,” he said. “When the facts surrounding this matter are known to the public I think you will find out that the person who has been most impacted by this action will be Nicky Hilton. … In the meantime, I don’t think anybody should draw any conclusions based on the simple filing of a lawsuit.”

It’s really hard to tell if Elliot Mintz even knows what the hell he’s saying anymore. Nicky and Paris are fuck ups, and it would be even bigger news if Nicky didn’t end up getting sued. Yet Mintz continues to ramble excuses and nonsense every time these two spoiled hussies do something like this. I’m surprised that all of his statements don’t end with “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”

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