Jennifer Aniston is Holding Out

According to her friends, Jennifer Aniston will not marry Vince Vaughn until Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get hitched first. Despite the fact that Brad has a new child with Angelina, Jennifer is hoping that she and Brad will one day get back together. A source tells Grazia magazine:

Jen can’t bring herself to remarry as long as Brad still remains technically single.” Friends of the Jennifer, who recently reportedly revealed the former ‘Friends’ actress still has feelings for her ex, say the 37-year-old star is hoping for reconciliation, even despite the fact Brad has a two-month old baby daughter, Shiloh Nouvel, with Angelina. The source added: “If Brad had married Angie, I think Jen would have set her own wedding date by now.”

Earlier this week, Brad’s grandmother said Brad will never marry Angelina until he gets over his failed relationship with Aniston. Just so we’re clear, Brad still intends to marry Angelina, but he wants time to get over his failed marriage, not time to get over Jennifer Aniston. Brad couldn’t have moved on faster if he was dignity at a strip club.



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