Cameron Diaz Got Dumped

Justin Timberlake has reportedly kicked Cameron Diaz to the curb after three years of dating because he wants his freedom on his upcoming world tour. Another scenario is that he has finally read this site, and wondered what the hell he’s been doing with her all this time.

Justin Timberlake has shown Cameron Diaz the door, so he can sow his wild oats. The hit-making horndog axed his love of three years because, “he’s poised to leave on a world tour and he wants to be free,” says veteran gossip Janet Charlton. She says Timberlake made his decision after he and his pals went on a stag weekend to Las Vegas and Cameron “went chasing after him. She was just too clingy.” Diaz, said to be “devastated,” has had bad luck before. Her past flames include Matt Dillon and Jared Leto.”

Thank God. How Justin managed not to jump off a building or pull a toy gun on a cop after three years of this is a mystery, because let’s face it, Cameron Diaz has no redeeming or admirable qualities. Not one. Onscreen she gets paid like Kobe Bryant to giggle and to be mediocre. Offscreen she’s a thankless and insufferable bitch with one of the most well documented raging egos in Hollywood. In relationships, she’s a jealous basket case. I’d rather date a ferret than have anything to do with Cameron Diaz.

Justin at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards:



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