This is Pretty

I suggested she also let her beard and sideburns grow in for the event, but Tyra rolled her neck at me and waved her finger back and forth while lecturing me on what is and what is not “fierce.” I gave up on explaining how I felt about her pants with those shoes, because when she stuck that giant flower on her huge left breast, I knew at that point she was trying to be funny. Still, I didn’t hand her the Gillette Mach 3 and Aqua Velva as I’d planned. Tyra’s a little crazy, and if she snapped, I wasn’t willing to find out what was in that squirting flower. I’ve seen Batman too many times.

Tyra Banks last night (May 18th) at CW Television Network Upfront:

For those of you who can’t get enough (and cry “Photoshop!” at the drop of a hat), here’s the original hi-res version of the first picture.

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