Amanda Righetti is Naked

I’m homeless, penniless and heterosexual, so I normally don’t have the ability or desire to watch shows about pretty white people with problems. So it’s a good thing that Amanda Righetti used to do softcore porn. Yeah, I didn’t know who she was either. Her IMDb profile says she’s on The O.C., Reunion and North Shore, but it also reminds us she was in a movie called Angel Blade. All experts would agree that the best way to judge a woman is by how naked she is willing to get. So based on that, Amanda Righetti is a pretty good person. I have never seen Angel Blade, but apparently it’s about cops who like to have sex while they are forced to say incredibly unsexy dialogue. So lucky for your penis or your Silver Bullet, here are a couple very NSFW clips.

Angel Blade Clip 1

Angel Blade Clip 2