George Clooney Might Be Mad at Julia Roberts

TMZ is reporting that there has been buzz that George Clooney and Julia Roberts are feuding after Roberts did not agree to reprise her role as Clooney’s wife, Tess, in the upcoming film, Ocean’s Thirteen. As a producer in the franchise, Clooney has more at stake than just reading lines and looking handsome, so the word is that Clooney felt betrayed that his close friend would abandon the project. However, there is other speculation that director Soderbergh wanted to go in another direction and called Julia’s departure “a script issue.”

Whether this true or not, who cares? This isn’t 1996. Just because Julia Roberts decides not to be in your movie, that doesn’t mean you have to tear up your script and burn down your production company for the insurance money. Besides, Julia seems to be content with her life in New York, where she acts on Broadway and pulls couples around on carriage rides.

Julia on April 4th arriving at her Broadway play:


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