Michael Douglas Thinks You’re a Girl

Michael Douglas says American men spend too much time pampering and grooming themselves to be real men. The 61 year old actor is particularly bothered by the male use of cosmetics and wants men to everywhere to rediscover their masculinity. He says:

Young guys are somewhat androgynous and use cosmetics. The lines (between men and women) seem to be getting much closer.”

It’s easy to see this is quickly becoming an epidemic in America. The only question is will this whole thing get so out of control that young men will become so obsessed with their looks that they start getting facelifts – like Michael Douglas did? That remains to be seen. The only thing we do know for sure is Michael Douglas is a sanctimonious idiot who might need to start doubling up on the Reminyl.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones in St. Barts last month:


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