Kate Moss is Blowing Her Cash

Kate Moss has reportedly dropped a libel lawsuit against the British television network, Five, which claimed Moss was a frequent cocaine user and once had to be revived from a cocaine induced coma in their 2004 documentary, The Truth About Kate Moss. Last month, the network was allowed to use now infamous images of Moss snorting cocaine in a London recording studio as evidence in the ongoing case. After being asked to sign a Statement of Truth to deny that was cocaine in the images, Moss immediately dropped the lawsuit and is now stuck with legal costs that are estimated at $100,000.00. A legal source says:

It is unprecedented for a libel claimant to chuck in the towel like this. It was always obvious that her claim was weak and it was surprising that she even considered suing.”

This was almost like the time I called the police and told them Brooke Burke raped me. I showed them my paper cuts, but apparently magazines can’t technically stand trial. That may be true, but she knows what she did. Sorry, Brooke, but “no” means “no.”

Kate Moss on March 25th: