Jake Gyllenhaal is Rude

Openly gay actor, Ian McKellen, has blasted Jake Gyllenhaal for saying Brokeback Mountain was a terrifying experience because it meant he had to kiss another man. McKellen, who has long been a vocal critic of Hollywood’s homophobia, says Gyllenhaal offended other gay actors with his comments. He says:

I got very upset when one of the actors said it was the most terrifying job he’d ever had because it involved him kissing another man. Imagine how rude that is. Suppose I’d said the most appalling thing I ever had to do was kiss Helen Mirren!”

Whoa there, Ian. Ease up, okay? I know exactly where Jake is coming from here. Look man, not all guys like long deep kisses and cuddle time, so give him a break. You’re still gonna get your reach around, what more do you want?

Jake, his sister, Maggie, and Peter Sarsgaard on March 12th: