Gina Wants-a the Shoes-a

Gina Gershon has a guest starring role in the pilot for an ABC Fall prime-time soap called “Ugly Betty.” When the producers of the show tried to get her to sign a contract yesterday without the benefit of a lawyer, Gina demanded she be allowed to keep a $650 pair of shoes she wears on the show. She held up production on the set of the show for over an hour while she argued with the producers.

It’s a classic case of an actress letting her part go to her head,” reports a Lowdown spy on the set. “The funny part is that they hired a dialect coach to make her sound Italian, and she was talking to the producers in the accent, saying that she couldn’t sign the contract until her lawyer read the contract. Then she says she will not sign unless the contract is changed to let her keep her wardrobe, and Disney [ABC’s parent company] has a strict policy saying actors don’t get to keep their wardrobes.

This is understandable coming from ABC. Nobody watches about 98.8 percent of their shows, so they need to pinch pennies in order to keep Teri Hatcher’s face paralyzed, Evangeline Lilly sweaty and maintain the stockpile of wigs for Jennifer Garner. But, come on, ABC. You finally have a super hot and talented chick like Gina Gershon to really spice up that channel, and you treat her like she’s asking for one of your testicles. You know you’d give one up for a night with her though, ABC. It’s not like those vapid prudes on The Bachelor are giving you any.

Thank you for not wearing a bra, Gina. Thank you so very much-a.

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