Adriana Lima Doesn’t Give It Up

In the new issue of GQ, sexy Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima, admits that she is a virgin. The article did not go on to say how many of her boyfriends had died of blueballs, but the Brazilian beauty says despite her being the definition of sex, she’s waiting until marriage to experience sex.

Sex is for after marriage. [Men] have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.”

If “respect” means ice packs and Icy Hot, then it will be great when we finally get married. She’s a sexual blank slate and she would have no idea when I say, “Yes, two minutes actually is a long time.” and “I know baby, but anal is an American honeymoon custom.” I have no problem waiting at all, because let’s face it, I have a bottle of lotion with her name on it anyway.

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