Kellie Pickler is a Daddy’s Girl

American Idol contestant and North Carolina native, Kellie Pickler, has a father who is serving a 45 month prison term for felony assault on a law enforcement officer. Carl Pickler wrote a letter to the Stanley News & Press thanking the residents of Stanley County for their continued support of Kellie.

Kellie has really touched my life with all she has overcome,” he wrote. “I can take no credit for anything she has accomplished in her 19 years of life. I’m only regretting the fact that I’m not there to support her in person.”

Girls with daddy and abandonment issues are almost as great as hot chicks with the self-esteem of a fat girl with an eye patch, so it’s no surprise that millions of guys are completely in love with Kellie Pickler. She’s dumb and eager to please, but she’s cute and has actual talent. Her life story would be too depressing for a Lifetime movie, but she has managed to pull her way out of a bad situation and now has a actual shot at winning. Whatever the outcome, Clay Aiken has already volunteered to visit the prison, and he’s even bringing his own syrup.