Britney Spears Has Table Manners

Before she took off to Hawaii to get chubbier, or more pregnant, Britney Spears had yet another public display of trashiness. She was eating at a fancy Los Angeles restaurant and decided her table was as good a place as any to change Sean Preston’s dirty diaper.

One [witness] said: “It was disgusting. Someone else has got to eat at that table. Yuck.” The restaurant manager is quoted in Britain’s News of the World newspaper as saying: “It’s Britney Spears. What can we do?”

This just proves Britney relies on her baby’s nanny way too much. When the nanny’s not around, Britney is functionally retarded with that kid. You’d have better luck giving a kitten to a crocodile to raise. The kitten’s misery will be over with quickly. Sean Preston’s misery will go on as long as it takes scientists to figure out how to perform a DNA transplant.

Britney in Hawaii on March 9th: