Is Jake Gyllenhaal Dating Keira Knightley?

Page Six is spreading a vicious rumor that my beloved Keira Knightley is dating Jake Gyllenhaal after the two met recently.

OSCAR season always brings out young love. Jake Gyllenhaal, single since his split with Kirsten Dunst last year, was “getting cozy” with fellow Oscar nominee Keira Knightley in L.A. in the days leading up to the ceremony. “They were at Soho House two nights in a row together and definitely looked like a couple,” snitched our spy.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s publicist needs an Oscar for what he is trying to pull off. Last month, Jake was photographed at a Lakers game basically sitting in Austin Nichols’ lap, but we always manage to hear “stories” that he is punching one piece of high quality Hollywood kitty after the other. Normally, a big Hollywood star like Jake would be stalked by paparazzi, yet we have never seen a picture of him with any of these women. Either he’s The Phantom or he’s gay. And since The Phantom liked women, that kinda rules him out.

Note: Trolls are not considered “high quality Hollywood kitty,” so Kirsten Dunst does not qualify.