Jessica Simpson is a Genius

Jessica Simpson is reportedly furious that her show, Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, gave her a ‘dumb blonde’ image because she was forced to follow a script. She blames the show’s bosses for making her look stupid. She said:

People should know there was a script of sorts and I just played that role. I am nothing like that character.”

She did not go on to say, “Look, okay, they told me stuff like ‘act natural’ and ‘do whatever’. I told them no, but then they would say things like ‘okay, cut!’. It made me scared. Then I stamped my feet until daddy gave me my blankie and a pretty pony.” Oh and just so we’re clear, Joe Simpson came up with the concept for the show and pitched it to MTV. He’s also producing the movie, Employee of the Month, which Jessica’s currently filming. Why he doesn’t just go around wearing a mink coat and gator boots we’ll never know.

Jessica on February 18th: