Evangeline Lilly Might Be Pregnant

A picture of Evangeline Lilly which showed a slight bump on her usually firm body, and Dominic Monaghan’s recent comments in which stated he wanted “a bunch” of children, have sparked rumors that Lilly is pregnant. The couple secretly engaged last month and are seen all over Hawaii making out, but had their first public appearance at this year’s Golden Globes.

I don’t know how many animals and virgins this guy has sacrificed to make this happen, but someone needs to start investigating this immediately. Because he looks like he should be making toys at the North Pole, not pounding away on an ex-Ford model. I can’t say I blame him, though. If I was him, I would be trying to close the deal as soon as possible. I get an erection when someone says “Livelinks,” so I can only imagine what would happen if … uhhhhh … no, wait…okay,what now?