10 Sexy Canadian Women You Thought Were American

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Canada, America’s version of that polite straight-A kid in your class your mom always compared you with. The northern neighbors of United States are usually somewhat forgotten as we are so similar in so many ways. Therefore, there are tons of people in the public eye that most people don’t know are actually Canadian. For instance, these sexy Canadian women we had the audacity to appropriate as our own.

You’ll definitely be surprised that these Canadian women aren’t, in fact, American as much as Canadians are surprised when they have two hours of sunlight per day.

Sexy Canadian Women You Thought Were American

Pamela Anderson

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The blonde bombshell and the sex symbol of the 1990s and early 2000s is considered by most as American as baseball and apple pie, but the privilege of having her in their ranks goes to Canadian women. The model/actress is still looking amazing at 50 years old, but in a rather different way from her wild, provocative early days in which she was THE woman on the planet. A conquest started in Ladysmith, British Columbia.

Nina Dobrev

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The star of The Vampire Diaries has a Russian/Eastern European name, and she was actually born in Bulgaria. But when she was two years old her family moved to Canada, Toronto to be exact, so she can fully be considered as our northern neighbor. One of the most relevant Canadian women on this list as she is both young and pretty active in the entertainment industry.

Elisha Cuthbert

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It seems that all of these Canadian women for whom we assume are American really are seen by the public as being truly American. In the case of Elisha Cuthbert it’s her role in the underappreciated, but still beloved movie Girl Next Door (2004). Elisha was considered as, well, a typical American blonde girl next door, but the privilege of growing up in her neighborhood had the inhabitants of Calgary, Alberta.

Shania Twain

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For someone who is a legend of country music, it is pretty surprising to be coming from Canada. But Eilleen Regina Edwards, which is Shania Twain’s birth name, is as she was born in Windsor, Ontario. The 52-year-old still looks amazingly sexy while never losing a touch of class. The queen of country, the best-selling female artist of the genre, is an example for young women and Canada is lucky to have her.

Cobie Smulders

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We can only blame ourselves for not knowing that Cobie Smulders is in the legion of sexy Canadian women only thought to be American, as the show that made her famous – How I Met Your Mother – have been dropping hints big time. One of the main jokes about Robin Scherbatsky, her character, is her Canadian origin. Cobie really took one for the show as she is from Vancouver, British Columbia.