Britney Has Gut Problems

Britney Spears and her fugly, fuchsia Ugg boots were rushed to a Malibu, CA Urgent Care this morning. The reason for her visit was apparently a case of stomach cramps. This wasn’t her first bout with cramping. She was taken to a Santa Monica hospital last September for the same thing.

I can see how waking up Valentine’s Day morning with Federline passed out next to you (if he’s even home) would send you running for the Tums and Alka Seltzer. I imagine his smell is delightful like a colorful bouquet of hard liquor, year old bong water and three pack a day habit flowers in bloom. But it’s even harder to take that in when the yet to be digested meal of two double bacon jalepeno burgers, chili cheese fries, triple thick shake and max-pack sized bag of Cheetos you had during your 2 a.m. snack is still gurgling. Valentine’s Day with the Spears-Federlines. Better than a chick flick, smellier than a pig farm.

Source:TMZ Watch the video of Britney leaving the urgent care here.

More of the Spears-Federlines at the Sony/BMG Grammy after party:


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