Paris Hilton Has Been Served

Paris Hilton was ordered by a court of law to stay away from Brian Quintana, a Los Angeles party planner/promoter. Quintana, who introduced Paris to current boyfriend Stavros Niarchos, claims the hotel heiress called him a “lazy Mexican” and bombarded him with threatening phone calls because she believed that he was trying to persuade Niarchos to dump Paris and return to his former girlfriend, Mary-Kate Olsen. Although the details and terms of the restraining order are not yet available, Quintana said Hilton shoved him three times, he lost clients after they received phone calls from Hilton warning them not to do business with him and she made numerous phone calls threatening his life.

Someone needs to walk Paris out of her magic kingdom for a second and let her know that all those people she sees walking by don’t just have really good tans. They’re Hispanic. And throwing out phrases like “lazy Mexican” in a place where an abundant amount of the population is Hispanic might not be a wise move. Granted, they’ll probably need to use crayons and flash cards to explain this to her, but maybe she’ll understand when they draw a knife and her face with X’s for eyes.

Update: See the court documents here.

Paris and some trout mouth out Fred Segal-ing a few days ago:


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