Paul Walker Cannot Lie

Paul Walker, who starred with Jessica Alba in last year’s Into the Blue, had a hard time concentrating on anything thing but Jessica Alba’s ass. He tells Complex magazine:

Come on, dude, you know what I’m looking at. I couldn’t take my eyes off that ass. I’m sorry. She’s beautiful. And she’s such a pain in my ass, too. But that’s what I love about her. She’s the kind of girl you just want to have angry sex with for the rest of your life because it’s just that good.”

No need to apologize, Paul. What choice did you have, really? To be honest, the only reason I have a computer is pretty much for (nsfw) stuff like this, this, and this. I don’t know if this has been proven yet or not, but angry sex with Jessica Alba might be the greatest thing in the world. Some say punching Tom Cruise would be, but that really wasn’t as gratifying as I thought.

Click here for a video compilation of Alba’s ass in Into the Blue