Don’t Call Josh Hartnett a “Sex Symbol”

Josh Hartnett thinks that being labeled a sex symbol will ruin his credibility as an actor. He would rather be judged on his acting talents and not his looks.

When people say I’m a sex symbol, it undercuts any ability I have, so I try not to focus on that.”

Josh Hartnett always looks like somebody is shining a flashlight in his face. Usually people don’t have eyes that squint that much unless they’re really good at math or manicures. I applaud him for wanting to be taken seriously, but before he does that, how about he combs his hair. Or washes it. And by the way, bowl cuts only work for figure skaters and orphans. And no, I’m not bitter that he’s banging Scarlett Johansson. What makes you say that?

Hartnett at Sundance promoting Lucky Number Slevin: