Johansson and Knightley in Vanity Fair

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Vanity Fair is set to release their yearly Hollywood issue. With fashion designer Tom Ford as the guest editor, it features Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley posing naked on the cover. Absent is Rachel McAdams, who reportedly felt uncomfortable posing nude and walked out during the shoot.

I’m a little disappointed that Rachel McAdams didn’t go through with it. Not because I need to see her naked, although I would like that very very much (and we’ve gotten very close before), but because I feel bad for Keira Knightley. Having another flat-chested girl around might not make her feel so self conscious around Scarlett’s enormous chesticles. Scarlett does have an amazing body, but would it kill her to get in a tanning bed once in a while? People that pale should be in a castle living off the blood of virgins.

Click for the giant version which probably isn’t safe for work:

Update: Click here for the behind the scenes video of the shoot.

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