Locklear and Sambora are Over

TMZ is reporting Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora are headed to divorce court.

The couple has one child together: Ava Elizabeth Sambora, 8. Locklear is asking for joint legal custody, however, she want physical custody of Ava. Locklear is asking the judge to enforce the prenuptual agreement she signed with Sambora. This would mark the second divorce for Locklear; she divorced from her other rocker hubby, Tommy Lee, after seven years of marriage in 1993.”

I can see why it would get pretty tiresome being married to a guy who takes longer to get ready to leave than you do. Having your husband complain about his “bad hair days” more often than you do and checking out his wispy bangs and applying gloss while staring at his reflection in the spoon at the dinner table isn’t too sexy. I realize Jersey people are really defensive when it comes to all things Bon Jovi, but you gotta admit that compared to Motley Crue and on the topic of “Hair Bands”, Bon Jovi is rock-lite. Diet rock, even. I hear elevators won’t even play their music for fear they’ll have a pile of sleeping bodies to deal with at every floor. And, you know, that’s a fire hazard. Still, it’s not as hazardous as “Hair Band” hair.

On a side note: I know this is dumb, but I’ve always thought it was funny. When Bon Jovi was popular when I was younger the Ozzy, Metallica, harder rock fans always called Bon Jovi “Anchovy”. I just felt compelled to mention that for some reason.

You can check out their divorce papers here.


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