Britney Spears is Ridiculous

Your eyes are not fooling you. That is Britney Spears in a public bathroom in Las Vegas earlier this month. There’s no word on whether or not she was wearing shoes, but I think it’s safe to assume her Barney Rubble feet were bare. When I was at Victoria’s Secret and laughed at that sheer purple thing while asking out loud, “Who would wear that ugly ass thing?” I wasn’t in the bathing suit cover-up section. I was in the lingerie section. Because that’s where lingerie is kept. The bathing suit also looks a hell of a lot more like underwear you find in the juniors section than a bathing suit, but whatever. The point is, Britney Spears took three things which were meant to look sexy and, yet again, made them look hideous. 1. A bikini, 2. Lingerie, and 3. A pop star. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go wash the greasy residue off my computer screen which got there courtesy of Brit’s hair and face.

Note: No, these are not Photoshopped. They were taken by a fan at a Las Vegas hotel. See this MSNBC article which covered their visit, and more pictures here and here from the same visit.