Brad and Angelina Are Having a Girl

Today’s Brad and Angelina baby news is that their baby is a girl. No, not twins. No, not a boy. Just one girl. Executive editor, Joe Bargmann, of Life & Style Weekly told the National Ledger today that they are set to publish a story disclosing the sex of Brad and Angie’s baby. Bargmann told the National Ledger,

A tip came in from a reader of the magazine that Brad Pitt’s sister Julie (Pitt) Neal was doing a little baby clothes shopping in Springfield, Mo.”

After they received this tip, Life & Style dispatched a reporter to Springfield to investigate. They returned with the following story:

A friend of Brad’s sis Julie spoke with her at a church meeting. The pair spoke about her recent purchases at ‘Jellybeans,’ a children’s clothing boutique in the southern Missouri town. Apparently sis was buying some baby clothes for a girl. And then sis let the news slip: “I’m shopping for Brad’s baby girl,” an insider says Neal told the storeowners of Jellybeans, a children’s clothing boutique in Springfield, Mo., Brad’s hometown. Julie made it very clear that it was not Zahara she was shopping for but rather “for the little girl that Angelina’s going to have.”

Man, those church ladies love to gossip. Sinners. In other news, Brad and Angie left for Zurich today after a quick visit to London. They stayed at a fancy London hotel called “Claridges” on Tuesday night. Angie stayed at the hotel while Brad went out to dinner with Madonna and Guy Ritchie. There’s no word on whether or not they swung by Madame Tussauds wax museum to check out their latest modification of Brad Pitt’s statue, so I’ll just post the pictures of it in case he missed it. The pictures of me french kissing the statue and climbing up to straddle its face aren’t here because that film was confiscated when I was arrested. It turns out the people at Madame Tussauds don’t have the easy going sense of humor I thought they did. Prudes.