Mischa Barton is Red, White and Spotty

I spent a while debating on whether or not to post these, not because it’s really mean to do so (since I honestly don’t give a crap about Mischa Barton), but because they’re rather unpleasant. I don’t know why this pasty girl wore a color which blends so well with her skin tone, but to do it when she’s fighting a losing battle against a heavy flow and not wearing underwear is even more tacky. Cisco Adler dated fugliest of fuglies, Kim Stewart, before Mischa, so apparently he has a thing for dirty ditzes who shouldn’t be allowed to dress themselves (and promote his band while bleeding all over themselves). It’s a good thing we have a shred of proof that this relationship has not yet produced a mini-Cisco. [Insert collective sigh of relief here.]

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